Window Painting Contest and A Day of Magical Treats on our Streets!

In the Central Square Cultural District “Magical Treats” around Halloween appear in the form of Mochi, Dumplings, Falafel and other edible apparitions on our Street Food Saturday 10/27/12.  Join us and enjoy window painting or window viewing!

Our restaurants will bring the magical treats and our local businesses offer their windows for decorating and prizes! The CSBA and Artists and Craftsman Supply will bring the paint!!! 

Enjoy $1 MAGICAL TREATS in front of Central Square restaurants from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and enter to win the “Central Square Gift Certificates” with every stamp you collect for every $1 purchase on Saturday, October 27th, 2012 from 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Participating Restaurants:
All Asia, 332 Massachusetts Avenue – Steamed Spring Rolls
The Asgard, 350 Massachusetts Avenue – Devil’s Mac and Cheese and Ichabod Crane Cakes!
Moksa, 450 Massachusetts Avenue – Dumplings
The Middle East & ZuZu’s 472 Massachusetts Avenue – Falafel, Baklava
Yoki, 485 Massachusetts Ave – Mochi Ice Cream
Thelonious Monkfish, 524 Massachusetts Avenue – Dumplings
Dosa Factory, 571 Massachusetts Ave – Dumplings

Next C2 Street Food Saturday: PIE DAY ON 11/17!

Above: Bertha and Matías Moore age 5 and Maya Moore age 7 paint windows at the Central Square theater.

The Atwell Family paint together at Lyndell’s Bakery!

Edward & Orion hold their prize

Above: Ellie Gill a waitress at Veggie Galaxy and friend!

Above: Luc Valenzuela-Melzer age 7, Amelie Valenzuela-Melzer age 5, and Mom Ena Valenzuela.

Above & Below: Franziska Aykurt, Mother of Silas Aykurt – age 7, and Mila Aykurt – age 6 paint at the Asgard.

Above: Magical Treats at the Middle East & Zuzu’s

Above: Participants from the Superheros Race refuel at the Asgard

Above: Delicious Ichabod Crane Cheesecakes at the Asgard!

Above: Happy Face & Friends enjoying Magical Treats

Above: Window Painting by Mimi Alvarez-Rosenbloom 6th grade, and Elisa Alvarez-Rosenbloom 1st grade at the Amigos School and Mrs Always Right of All Asia.

Above: Yoki Windows Painted by (from Left to Right)
Matt Brown, Nick Dupey, and Dirk Ahlgrim from IDEO
Mary Margaret Breed -Journalist, amateur sketch artist/illustrator, grandmother
Jules Boisset-Dell’Elce – 9th Grader at CRLS

Above: Farah Coplon-Newfield, 2nd Grader King Open Painted this fantastic window at Thelonious Monkfish.

 Above: Naima from the Cambridge Montessori School, 6th grade.

Above: (From L to R) Naima from the Cambridge Montessori School, 6th grade. Julie Croston, Tobin Friends of Fresh Pond Club Leader. Hima from the Tobin Montessori School Kindergarten.

Above: Farah Coplon-Newfield, 2nd Grader King Open painted windows at the Middle East with Alexis Rabkin: 14, 9th grade CRLS

Above:  Beth McGinn with the Pathways to Family Success Group of families with Children from K – 3

Above: Leader Bank Windows painted by Marshall Rodes age 11, Pouya Sadeghpour age 10, and Emi age 6 all students from the Tobin Montessori. 

Janie Katz-Christy, Architect and Director of Green Streets Initiative and her creation below:

Jill Brown Rhone Plaza at Night


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